Casino CS

In the United Kingdom, CS is an acronym for Community Service, a kind of non-custodial punishment meted out to minor offenders. If you were forced to choose between litter picking and playing at CS Casino, you would chose litter picking every day of the week.

CS Casino is a monstrosity of a site, with the best game being “Pick out all the flaws.” From the archaic design to the absurd claims, every aspect of this site is abhorrent and unredeemable. It all begins with the site’s top header, which proclaims the site to be “the internet’s #1 online casino.” Sigh.

Below that is a photograph of a couple gambling in a land-based casino, with her smiling and him leering and holding a beer bottle, looking sleazy. It’s difficult to concentrate on the picture, which is a comfort given the surrounding flashing banners and shimmer effects, which will have your eyes darting in amazement.

The following blunder is the customer testimonial, which exclaims, “This new site accomplishes such incredible stuff!! I cannot believe it…it astounds me!!…..I am unable to stay away!!! I am really mesmerized by it all!!! Additionally, your points system is fantastic!!! I just cannot express how astonished I am!! It is a stroke of brilliance!!!” Occasionally, there are no words.

CS Casino Information

There was never a period when CS Casino was fashionable, and definitely never when it was the internet’s most popular online casino. The explanation for at least some of its many shortcomings becomes clear when one examines the footer, which reveals that the site’s copyright notice spans the years 1997 to 2009. CS Casino seems to have been updated last in 2009. In internet time, that is a millennium ago.

As for what to anticipate as a client – if you’re insane enough to try – CS Casino boasts 24/7 customer care, over 80 casino games, “ten massive progressive jackpots,” and a “award-winning” reward program.

Peak Entertainment owns and manages the site, which is licensed to operate by the Curacao government. Playtech provides the software, and the games have a return on investment (ROI) of over 97 percent.

The site’s About page makes a point of emphasizing the casino’s security, which may have been true in the past. However, if you visit it now, your browser will inform you that “your connection to this site is insecure.” You should avoid entering any important information on this site (such as passwords or credit card numbers), since this information may be stolen by attackers.” CS Casino is the Mary Celeste, stranded on an internet that has progressed and forgotten about her.

How to Begin

Assume, theoretically, that you had an irrational urge to register with CS Casino and become a client. To do so, you must first install the site’s software on your desktop PC, which is branded by Omni Casino (although built by Playtech). By doing so, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the over 100 games available at CS Casino.

Oh well, then, the download option will have to suffice. Before you continue, consider yourself whether you’re comfortable installing casino software that hasn’t been patched in over a decade.

Customer service is given through freephone lines in North America and the United Kingdom, which may or may not still be functioning, as well as email help. Live chat is supposedly unavailable until “we upgrade to a new system.” True. While you’re having a good chuckle at the site’s expense, take a look at the Winners page, which claims “Not a day goes by without someone winning big at CS Casino.” Here are a couple recent single-game huge wins.” This seems to be genuine.

Banking CS

There are a variety of deposit methods accessible at CS Casino, but not all of them will be current, since the world has changed dramatically over the previous decade. Credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro, are supported — or were supported, since who knows whether any of this still works.

Neteller, Web Money, wire transfer, Click 2 Pay, Click and Buy, Intercash, Wirecard, and Ukash are further alternatives. At least some of these businesses have ceased to exist or have been absorbed by bigger payment processors. CS Casino does not disclose its withdrawal policy, so good luck withdrawing any monies – assuming you can deposit any dollars at all.